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3 men / 2 women

Tempest Landry, a street-wise young man living in Harlem, unexpectedly finds himself at the Pearly Gates.  When Saint Peter orders him to hell, the quick-witted Tempest refuses to go.  A technical loophole forces heaven to send Tempest back to Earth with an angel in tow to keep him out of trouble. The resulting battle of wills explores cosmic questions of justice and redemption, good versus evil, and who gets to decide.


 “ … an incendiary piece of theatre that’s both enthralling and engaging, drawing in the audience and never letting them go.”   

– Broadway World

… you’ve got one of those nights at the theater you just hope is someone’s first live play, ’cause they’ll be fans for a lifetime.  It’s that kind of special.

St. Louis Magazine

’The Fall of Heaven’ could mark the rise of Walter Mosley as a powerful contemporary voice  on the American Stage.

– City Beat (Cincinnati)

“Not only is it a new play, fresh from the prolific imagination of novelist Walter Mosley, it also is a play so far outside the usual dramatic conventions that it keeps you guessing until the very last moments.”   

– St. Louis Post Dispatch

 “Mosley … possesses a hiply modern ear, a sharply focused, streetwise eye, tremendous wit, and a mischievous mix of unmitigated comic glee and deep ruefulness about the human condition.”   

– Chicago Sun Times


Script inquiries and performance rights are administered by Samuel French [Link to: http://www.samuelfrench.com/p/4429/fall-of-heaven-the]



2 men / 4 women

The incoherent ramblings of a demented mother cause her grown son to question everything he once held true.  “Leading From the Affair” is a contemporary drama about identity, truth, and the search for self.

For inquiries please contact Bruce Miller at Washington Square Films.  Bmiller at wsfilms.com



2 men / 2 women

When a catastrophic event traps two co-workers in an elevator, a bond of incredible intimacy is forged between two otherwise mismatched souls.

Suspended by a wire with no one but each other for solace, master story teller Walter Mosley weaves a tense new drama about the ethos of our times, seared with issues of race, culture, and class.

For inquiries please contact Bruce Miller at Washington Square Films.  Bmiller at wsfilms.com




2 men / 2 women

When an ailing Raymond “Mouse” Alexander returns unannounced to the home of the woman he once loved, old wounds are reopened and secrets of the past unearthed as questions of what was, and what could have been, are explored.  “White Lilies” is a one-act drama about the power of love, faith, and forgiveness.

For inquiries please contact Bruce Miller at Washington Square Films.  Bmiller at wsfilms.com